From Mountain Kingdom, To the Rest of the World

This is the best place for live streams of Radio stations and on demand video from The kingdom of Lesotho. We are a better distributing platform of live Radio Signnals to the rest of the world. We digitize audio signal from your Radio Stations or TV Studios and sent them to the rest of the world via internet..

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Our Services

Radio Streaming

Radio streaming service is a service of sending audio signals to the world via internet. Extending coverage to the whole world.

Radio Logger

Whatever was on air will be recorded and archived. No need to record every program. Extract the clips as desired as mp3 audio clip.

Live Events Streaming

This Service is an on demand service when streaming your event to social Media or your website to your viewers in real time.

Television production

This Service is an based on these major productions of TV shows, Live coverage (including sports, weddings, funerals and celebrations) and etc.